Home Colour and The Tips You Need During this Lockdown...

So let's be real this has been soooooo long so no doubt you would want to colour your own hair, if you haven't already haha. So I thought I would give you some tips and advice on colouring your hair at home because it could still be some time yet.

The funny thing is we as hairdressers don't recommend doing colour at home because it is something that takes years to learn but this is a very unusual circumstance! I will share some insider information in case you need to buy it you will at least know what colour to buy or have more of an idea anyway. We are also selling colour kits for existing clients so please get in touch if you need anything.

Firstly I am very sorry blondes, it is much harder for you to colour your hair at home as foils are hard to do especially on yourself. We do however recommend toners that can help to freshen up your blonde. We also recommend blue and purple shampoos and conditioners to help with that too. If you have a tint blonde well that could be easy to fix with some colour around your hairline and parting to help you get through as well. Please blondes DO NOT colour your hair darker and think when we are open again we can make you blonde again. It is not that easy and the integrity of your hair would be compromised and that is if we would even do it. When we lighten hair that has been coloured the only way is using bleach and then that would mean that the hair underneath is already blonde and fragile. We won't put bleach over already blonde hair because it causes breakage and we don't want that to happen. So please don't go darker expecting it to be changed straight back it just isn't that simple!

Dark blondes and brunettes are a bit easier to do a regrowth with a tint, painted on colour, because it is something that is not too hard to attempt at home. The only problem people tend to run in to with this is choosing the wrong colour. A dark blonde may think they are light brown and then the colour turns out way too dark or a light brown thinks they are a dark brown, which can actually look black.

So here are some tips to help.

When choosing a colour for yourself I usually say go a shade lighter than you think you are and this will help you to choose the right colour. For everyone who knows me, I use a 7 (blonde) tint on my regrowth. Now if you knew me most people would think I am a light brown, so although I look like a light brown, I use a blonde. So this gives you an idea and why so many people end up so dark when they buy a colour off the shelf. And don't trust the picture on the box, that is why you need to know your level and buy from the number or what the colour actually is saying. (Always follow the directions on the box)

This is how a numbering system goes in hairdressing:

  1. Black

  2. Darkest Brown

  3. Dark Brown

  4. Brown

  5. Light Brown

  6. Dark Blonde

  7. Blonde

  8. Light Blonde

  9. Lightest Blonde

  10. Lightest, Light Blonde

So that is the Base Colours then we have colours to counteract undertones like orange and yellow:

- Blue counteracts Orange

- Violet counteracts Yellow

So you can buy shampoos & conditioners with these in them to help counteract those colours and freshen up those blondes. You can buy mouse toners which are really good to use in the shower as well and are a bit stronger than shampoo. My other tip for blondes is lots of dry shampoo. It can look lighter at the roots but it does leave your hair feeling tacky because it is meant to dry up oily hair and give volume but anyway that can help too. There are specific ones designed for blonde hair also.

Reds & Coppers you can also use tints, paint on colours, to do your hair at home. Semi's are easy to use, although very messy so don't use your best white towels, but this is something you can do at home. There are also lots of products like shampoo and conditioner's with red or copper tones in them to freshen up your colour and add shine as well.

With all colours watch out how much you get on your skin it is really hard to get off. People sometimes say to put Vaseline around the hairline but if you are covering greys, don't get the Vaseline on the hair, because it will stop the colour covering on to the grey as well. I also recommend that if you use those coloured sprays to cover your regrowth and you are going to colour your hair, then wash that our first, it seems to add a barrier and the colour won't cover as well especially on grey hair.

So I hope this helps you if you are contemplating colouring at home and if you have any questions please reach out to us through our socials or you can email us too.

I hope you are all well, I miss everyone so much and can't wait to get back in to the salon and start doing fabulous hair again!

Tash xx

This would be a Light Brown or a 5...

This would be a Blonde or a 7...

Colours that are opposite each other on the Colour Wheel counteract each other...

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