My Top 20 Makeup Tricks...

I always get asked for some tips and tricks so here are some I thought I can share!

1. When buying a new foundation get a sample first especially if it's one of the expensive brands, they are usually pretty good at giving them out for you to try first.

2. Always use a moisturiser before foundation.

3. Splash your face with cold water first, pat dry, then apply moisturiser as it locks in the moisture.

4. Use cream based blush for a dewy finish.

5. Use cream based highlighters for a shiny finish.

6. Do learn the colour wheel so you know what suits you and are complimentary to your eyes.

7. Do know if you have pink or yellow based skin.

8. Do know if warm or cool tones suit you best.

9. Fill in your eyebrows with pencil or shadow as eye brows definitely frame your face.

10. When applying mascara wait between applications to layer this will make your lashes thicker and more lushes.

11. Instead of concealer, which I find too thick, use one of the highlighter pens by YSL or By Terry, they are great at camouflaging the dark circles but not making it look caked on.

12. No need to use powder only if you like it really matte other than that just use in your T- Zone (forehead, nose & chin) also as we age powder is no good for the wrinkles.

13. When trying to conceal circles under the eyes use one shade lighter than your foundation.

14. To conceal spots and blemishes use one shade darker.

15. If you like a really glossy highlighter you can use your lip gloss.

16. Adding a very thin eye line just to your top lash line will make your lashes look fuller.

17. If you think your foundation looks too matte just pat in some moisturiser over the top around your cheek bone it adds a bit of moisture so looks more subtle.

18. Black or brown liner on the inner bottom lash line adds definition to the eye.

19. Patting a bit of highlighter above the top lip makes it look bigger.

20. Cream eye shadows are lovely but they get stuck in the crease of the eye so for eyes shadow is best.

And remember makeup is not to be worn as a mask it is designed to be creative and enjoyed just like a painter with his paints.

I hope you learned a couple of new tricks - enjoy! xx

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