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Did you know that while humans have been using various substances to clean ourselves and make us smell nice for thousands of years, it wasn't until the 1900's that what we now think of as shampoo was first brought to market.

It was a German man called Hans Schwarzkopf who first began to sell shampoo in a liquid form in 1927. His earlier attempts with a powdered cleaner hadn't been as successful.

The word shampoo evolved from the Indian word "champu" - a type of head and body massage using fragrant oil. Pretty cool huh?!

Anyway so when you think about buying your shampoo and conditioner there are a few things to consider...

Firstly how much did your beautiful hair cost you? And how much are you buying your shampoo and conditioner for?

I know it's not all about price but if I bought a beautiful silk Zimmerman top (which I may have done before) I am not throwing it in the washing machine with my everyday $3.95 washing detergent!

Most cheaper products have a high concentrate of harmful chemicals that strip your hair of it's natural oils. Whereas a professional brand will usually contain higher quality ingredients, such as essential oils, plant or fruit extracts and botanicals.

You will usually find cheaper brands foam up very well in the hair and that is because they are high in detergents, whereas a professional brand will take the 2 shampoos to lather as they should.

We also find that some cheaper shampoos and conditioners leave residue on the hair and can sometimes effect your colouring process, which means you may not get the result you are after.

All shampoos are designed to lift the build up of dirt and the natural oil in the hair however what differs is the effectiveness of this process. More expensive shampoos will have a higher concentration of ingredients, meaning they last longer as you should use less and see better results.

Think of shampoo as wine. All wine is made of grapes and with similar processes, some is worth $2.99 a bottle and some go for hundreds. What do you buy?

Also do you use soap to wash your face? Probably not as you know it will leave your skin feeling tight and dry! So why use harmful chemicals on your hair?

Another question we get asked is "how often should I wash my hair?"

The answer is when it needs it. If you get oily hair then washing it everyday is ok but if you don't and you only need to wash it once a week that's ok too. There is no rule!

When you buy your products from a professional you are also getting exactly what you are after as we can help you choose. For example you may need a volume shampoo but need a more moisturizing conditioner.

So finding the right products to suit your hair type and what you want from the product is very personalized but how much you spend, how often you wash and if you wash your hair at all, is up to you!

We have a full range of products ranging in price, ask one of us next time you're in the salon and we can recommend you something for what you're after... xx

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