Change in weather & Change in Hair...

Lots of clients asking lately about dry scalps and changes in their hair as winter approaches, so I thought I would let you know the why's and what you can do to help the problem...

Firstly their is a difference between dandruff and dry scalp!

Most common is dry scalp and not many people suffer from dandruff, so don't treat dry scalp with dandruff shampoos because it will actually make the problem worse.

Dandruff is when the oils from the scalp clump together and appear as white flakes. Dandruff can be caused by a number of things, including dry skin, sensitivity to hair products and skin conditions such as seborrheic dermatatitis or eczema. The overgrowth of a yeast-like fungus can also cause dandruff.

So dandruff needs to be treated with an Anti-Dandruff shampoo only. It can come and go, so only use your anti-dandruff shampoos when needed. Treat it like any other skin condition. If it is really bad consult a doctor.

Now Dry Scalp is something that a lot of people suffer from especially as the cooler months approach. DO NOT use an Anti-Dandruff shampoo to treat 'Dry Scalp' because they are designed to dry out the scalp. So if you have 'Dry Scalp' it will only make the problem worse.

Dry scalp is exactly like dry skin. It can come from us having hotter showers, the cooler weather and dry winds. How would you treat your dry skin on your body? Your scalp is the same.

Brushing your hair prior to you washing it can help to lift the loose flakes. Use a brush that is not too scratchy because like your skin on your body gentle is better, scratching it can make it worse.

Then changing your shampoo or conditioners in Winter may help also and may be necessary to do. A shampoo for 'dry scalp' or a 'gentle' shampoo may be needed. And a conditioner that is more moisturizing might be needed as well. Remember that 'Dry Scalp' is different to 'Dry Hair' so check the labels.

Your hair can also become very dry in Winter because of the hotter showers & the cooler weather. So again, just like skin can dry out, so can your hair. Changing up your products at this time of year can really help. Look for a "Dry Hair' conditioner or a moisture treatment at home can help if you do it once a week. You could also use a Leave In Moisturizer or a Serum on dry hair after blow drying.

You can also try finishing your hair rinse with cold water but brrrrrr it's a bit hard at this time of year!

Anyway I hope this has helped clear up any questions you may have about your hair and the Winter months approaching... xx

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