My Top 5 Tips for Makeup Luminous Skin in Your 40's...

Well as I am 44 these days I do have a bit of practice in this area!

As each year has passed over the last say 10 years my skin has definitely dulled. I look back at old photos and can see the difference. Not that I have bad skin it is just not as glowing as it used to be and it takes a lot more work to get that dewy finish.

Now I don't have a problem with looking older. I actually am loving getting older. Age is so much more than looks. It is what I have learnt through out my life, it is the experiences I have had and it is the memories I have shared. So I'm ok with getting older I just love the look of shiny skin rather than the dull matte look. I think it looks healthy and fresh.

So here are my 5 top tips to help your skin look healthy and fresh when applying makeup...

1. Everything you do to your skin prior to applying your foundation will help with the finish looking radiant. You could apply a hydrating mask. They now sell quick masks as well so it isn't like you need hours of prep for this these days. After washing or wiping that off I always finish with a cold rinse on my face. It feels fresh and clean. Then you could use a firming cream or booster especially around eyes that helps creases as well. They sell oils as well that you can mix in to your moisturiser to make it more hydrating. And lastly a very hydrating moisturiser applied to your face and neck.

2. Invest in a beautiful primer. There are lots of illuminating primers also these days. Apply this after your moisturiser and before foundation. You can also buy things like strobe cream that help to highlight skin under foundations. So all this before you even start foundation will help a lot. I always say it's like painting a wall, you wouldn't just start painting it you would need to spakfilla, sand it, then prime, all before painting it. Now I don't paint a lot of walls but I know that's what you would have to do to get an even finish.

3. Choosing a foundation as we age is tricky. I know it depends on the coverage you like but it doesn't need to be cacky. I know some people get a favourite one but you should change your foundation as we get older. I don't think you would want the same out of your foundation at 40 as you did when you were 20 years old. And please make sure by now you are wearing the correct tone foundation, it's yellow or pink based. If you're not sure you can go in to a makeup shop and ask them. You can hold it up to your skin when buying and it should blend in, not look different to your skin colour. Best place to try in on your neck at the side but if that's too hard, try it on top of your arm not on the underneath, as this never tans so it is not even your skin colour.

4. Next little trick is to mix blenders that illuminate the skin in with your foundation. There are so many as well these days. You add a few drops of these illuminators in to your application. You can mix it together on a little plate or palette if you have one. You can add things like beauty flash balms, serums, highlighters and lustre drops to your mix with your foundation. A quick tip, if your mixers are oil based your foundation must be too. Or if water based they both need to be, think about mixing water and oil what happens? It's the same with your foundation and illuminators.

5. Throw out your powder! No not really, I don't use it, but if you need it only in your t-zone, your forehead, nose and chin. Keep it away from around your eyes. Powder will get in to wrinkles and look very cacky and actually emphasize them and we don't want that!

I hope these tips help you so next time you see that dewy finish in a magazine, on tv or on your social media you think I know how to do that! And as I said "Age is a beautiful thing!"

*Remember I am not endorsed by any products so the ones I recommend or show pictures of are my favourites only...

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