It's Not Real...

So I wanted to address the reality of what we see in magazines, on celebrities, and in social media and to let you know it is all photo shopped!

I just feel I want to share some of these secrets because with so many mental health issues today and problems with low self esteem in teens, and in adults, this is something that I feel very strongly about. Especially in teenagers today with social media and so many apps that make it easy for people to make themselves look so perfect. We are living in a society that worries too much about how we look to other people, instead of loving ourselves for who we are! Why do we care so much about how we look rather than who we are as people. I have met a lot of "beautiful" people over the years and I can say they are not all "nice" people.

As you know I have worked in this world of fashion, magazines, tv, celebrities doing hair and makeup for a long, long time and I have loved every bit of it. But I really want to address the fact that it is all touched up and photo shopped!

I know for years we have been told this kind of information but I am telling you first hand from someone who has seen it all, that it is true!

Don't get me wrong I love a close up of a perfect red lip in those editorial shoots but seriously you can NOT get it that perfect no matter how good a makeup artist someone is because no ones skin is that perfect and no ones lips have no lines what so ever on them!

So here a some secrets I can think of and next time you look at your self or compare yourself to someone in a magazine, on TV or a celebrity on social media just remember it is not real...

1. Not all of them but let's say a lot wear spanks some even 2 pairs and then it is photo shopped on top of that! Celebs ask for their arms to be slimmed down or their waist lines, everything gets a smooth over.

2. For TV we have put foundation over entire bodies so legs, arms, everywhere so people look smoother and more tanned. This also makes the skin appear flawless.

3. Who doesn't usually have some kind of bruise or bump or scratch on them somewhere well all these are removed in edit too.

4. So many female presenters on TV have hair pieces clipped in to make their hair appear thicker and give more volume.

5. Their is a hair and makeup artist on stand by for touch ups in the television breaks to make sure everyone is looking their best.

4. Men wear foundation too.

5.Wrinkles are smoothed down in photo shoots and when they say they are "going natural" well it's not, it has definitely been touched up, lines smoothed over!

6. If someone is too tall or too short there we have used boxes under the peoples feet to appear taller if their co hosts are shorter in photo shoots.

7. If clothes don't fit they use bull dog clips at the back so it has the 'perfect' fit look.

8. Basically everywhere there is a presenter, celebrity, advertising campaign, red carpet, photoshoot, movie, tv show, singer or anything like that their will be a trail of hair and makeup artists making sure everything looks perfect for that ONE shot!!!

I was just at the Logies for the weekend which was fabulous! But just so you know the top celebrities are followed around by their entourage of hair and makeup artists. Kelly Roland had about 3 or 4! Now I was there for the exact same reason so don't get me wrong we are needed, to do touch ups on shiny foreheads and touch up lips for all the media shots after the winners come off the stage, it is like a well oiled machine, everything runs smoothly and looks beautiful. But it's what the public see in the finished result that they are comparing themselves to and it's not real. I remember seeing an interview with Sarah Jessica Parker on Oprah and someone in the audience asked how she stayed so fit? Her answer was excellent and SO true... She said anyone could look like this if they had what she had! And you know it is so true we all could, if we were followed around by people like me every minute, had a chef and a personal trainer for 4 hours a day as well!

So next time you compare yourself to anyone on television, in a magazine, on social media or a celebrity on the red carpet just remember it is all an illusion!!! xx

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