My Makeup Bag...

So everyone always says my makeup "looks so natural" BUT it's not and it takes me at least half an hour to get my makeup looking natural haha....

So I am going to share with you my secrets...

Firstly I don't go out much anymore but when I do I love doing my own makeup. It usually involves a glass of champagne in my bathroom with me and my makeup. I actually love getting ready. It's always been a fun thing for me. It goes way back to when I was about 17 getting ready in my mum's bathroom with my friends saying "can you just do my eyes". So I have never really grown up from that, I still love getting my friends ready and making them feel good. It just doesn't happen as much these days.

My makeup bag at home looks NOTHING like my makeup kit for work!! It is made up of all my favourites, but they are the left overs that I can't get any more out of, some of the tubes are even cut in half to get the last bit because I am a bit of a tight arse like that and hate wasting expensive makeup. So that's my first secret!

So lets go, my favourite moisturizer before I apply my makeup and any professional makeup is Avene Cicalfate Restorative Cream! It makes the skin feel amazing but not greasy so perfect for the foundation to go over. It's like a Spakfilla for your skin. Love it!

Next I love and use my Chanel Foundation, Vitalumiere Aqua. It's really not too heavy which I like and it goes on beautifully. I prefer a lighter foundation especially as I have gotten older as it makes the skin more radiant and not get all stuck in the creases. I put in on with my fingers shhhh.

No Powder! I don't like powder at all it dulls my skin and I hate how it gets in to the wrinkles! I feel like it makes me look older and I don't want that - wink wink!

Eye shadows I use natural colours to define my eyes nothing really to explain but the good eye shadows have much better pigments and are more true to colour. I have a MAC one at the moment but that can change depending on what I throw out of my kit.

Eyeliner is the MAC Fluidline Eyeliner Gel Pot and I use a very fine makeup brush to apply it.

Mascara is Maybelline the green and pink one in black is black. I love this and did you know that you should replace your mascara every 3 months.

I sometimes and depending how much time I have to get ready I apply false lashes. My favourite are Miss Edgy by Model Rock Lashes. They are a lovely half lash and look really natural. Duo Eyelash Glue in black is my favourite glue.

Now cheeks are my favourite thing and this is what can make the skin look so fresh. I do a little contouring with a MAC Bronzer under my cheek bones, then I love a Nars Illuminator in Orgasm and I love Josie Maran Argan Lip & Cheek Oil for the apple of the cheeks. A little goes a long way but these give the cheeks a "healthy glow". Sometimes I even use both... People who know me know I love a pink cheek!

Highlighter I use is again whatever I have left haha so anything with some sheen or even a lip gloss can be used for my highlighter on the bone of my cheek. It gives the illusion of soft subtle dewy skin and picks up the light to highlight the cheekbone.

Then I finish with a nude gloss or my favourite ever red lipstick MAC Lady Danger!

So this is how I achieve my "natural" looking makeup...

So if you are in the need of some new makeup check out some of these products and have fun!! xx

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