DANCE MUM'S - Tips on Hair & Makeup...

With dance concert season upon us I thought I would share some tips...

Firstly mum's don't panic it's not that hard so just relax...

1. Please don't use blue eye shadow it went out in the 80's for stage makeup.

2. Use natural brown eye shadow they suit everyone. You can use a light and a dark one on the outer corners for definition. You can even add a little sparkle on the inner part of the lid but keep it a neutral tone unless otherwise specified.

3. If you are going to use eye liner, good luck! No seriously you can get eye liner pens they are much easier to use than pencils. Or you can try a gel pot and thin brush it is very simple but could take a bit of practice. And black is perfect!

4. Blush can be pink or peach. Same rule applies - blondes suit pink and brunettes suit peachy tones. Or bronzer looks on everyone.

5. Red lipstick is the go to stage lip colour. On little ones I find it easier to get a creamy lip liner than trying to put lipstick on but if you have red lipstick then a lip brush can make it easier too. They have such little lips it can be tricky.

6. If you are doing your little darlings makeup put them on a high chair it will make it much easier to be at eye level.

7. Now hair tips. So a tight pony tail means a good thick elastic. The ones without a metal clip are the best, tag free. And the thin ones are too thin to hold a high pony so a thick one is better.

8. To get a NEAT high pony you need to use HAIRSPRAY. So what you do is brush then spray then brush again up in to the pony. Keep spraying and brushing in to the pony until it is neat then put the elastic in. Then you can finish with a spray to get the wispy bits.

9. Now if it is a curly pony you need please don't make the kids sleep in those awful sponge things. You need to invest in a curler. A wand is excellent, easy to use. You just grab bits of hair in the pony about half and inch thick and wind them around. If you wear a glove you won't be afraid to burn yourself either. You use these on completely dry hair. The hair will NOT curl if it is damp. A really good wand is by MUK it comes with different sizes as well and you could use on your own hair. Again use hairspray on the curls it will help to hold them in.

10. If you need a bun please buy good bobby pins. Cheap bins are awful to use and they don't hold the hair properly. You can buy those hair bun things now to get the perfect bun so they can help. You can use YouTube to look how to do a good bun. Use flat bobby pins to secure it and then those U-shape ones which a called fringe pins to anchor it in tightly. And they all come in colours to suit blonde or brown hair.

11. If a straight pony is needed you can just straighten the hair before the pony and then put it up. Again it needs to be completely dry or it will not stay straight. If you use sections to straighten the hair again that will work better.

12. And lastly allow enough time! Even I allow an hour to do my daughter's hair and makeup and I'm a professional. Now I know some of you have 2-3 girls to get ready but again just allow more time. It takes time you won't be able to get a good result in 10 minutes!

I hope these tips have helped you so next dance concert you feel a little bit more prepared. GOOD LUCK!! xx

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