The beginning of The HMU Studio...

I never really wanted to open my own salon. I wanted to be a freelance hair and makeup artist and that's what I achieved. Everything I had ever dreamed of happened but what was next?

After I had my beautiful daughter I started back doing freelance work. It was great. I could pick and choose the jobs I could fit in around my husband staying home to look after her. If I was working he could work from home. It was going well. I was working about 3 days a week and spending the other days with my little girl.

This went on for a couple of years and I started to work more and more and it was starting to get tricky.

Then I got a permanent 4 mornings a week on Wake Up for Channel 10. Starting at 3.30am but home by 9am so I could do other shoots during the day. It was getting busy.

My daughter started school and things started to get harder. It was tough not being there in the mornings getting her off to school and by the time she got home I was exhausted. Working morning TV was so amazing but the reality of being a mum at the same time was so tough. My hat goes off to women who have done it for years.

After 8 months they ended up closing down the show which was so upsetting at the time because the team was so fun and we all loved working together but I am so glad. It was a wonderful time but I was glad to have my mornings back. It made me realize how much I loved being involved in my daughters life and wanted to do school drop off and pick up. Help out in school if I can and just be there for her.

So this was the turning point in my life where I thought I need to have a job closer to home and more flexible.

It was my 40th birthday and I was having a Gatsby party. All my friends were asking where they could get their hair and makeup done for my party and all I could think of were the big chains but no where was doing both hair and makeup that I knew.

That was it! I never wanted to have just a hair salon but this was more exciting a 'Hair & Makeup Studio' so that's how it started. Just the thought in July, then finding the space and opening in September The Hair & Makeup Studio! It all happened so fast!

At the start I tried keeping my freelance work going but it was getting so tiring because I was running a business plus being a mum and trying to keep my freelance clients. I was thinking, hang on I did this so I could be around more so I needed to stop and say no to freelance work that I had worked so hard to get. That was really hard to say no but once I did my time didn't feel so pulled in different directions.

So that was it now it was all falling in to place. I had my business and being a mum and wife. The HMU Studio has been amazing! I love that I work close to home and I love that I can be at my daughters school if I need to be or I can be at school sport. I am really grateful at how it has all worked out. I love that I have so much flexibility. I still struggle with my work/mum balance but I love the challenge!

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