The Jobs....

The jobs rolled in one after another after another.

I worked with some amazing people and some not so amazing people haha that's show biz but mostly they were amazing.

I did hair and makeup for photo shoots with Sunrise channel 7 and Today Show channel 9 but preferably (by them) not on the same day. I did shoots with Home & Away, So You Think You Can Dance, MKR, Masterchef, Bachelor, Beauty & the Geek, Idol, Australia's Got Talent, Celebrity Apprentice, Big Brother, Getaway, Rake, The Voice, Underbelly, House Husbands, Australia's Next Top Model, Puberty Blues, Biggest Loser, Dance Academy, The Morning Show, All Saints, Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, The Living Room, The Block, House Rules, Dancing With the Stars.

I did a gig with Dolly Teen Choice Awards and got to work with The Veronica's. I have done makeup for X- Factor, did makeup for Miss Connie from Sneaky Sound System, I worked for Channel 10 and did hair & makeup for Natarsha Belling 4 mornings a week for 8 months and it was a highlight of my career she was just amazing even at 4am. I worked on Studio 10 and did the weekend news. I worked with Michael Buble now he's a charmer.

I did hair and makeup for Celebrity Cook Book working with people like Margaret Fulton, Tracey Spicer, Mary Coustas(Effie), the Tetsuya, Dr Chris Brown and Anthony Field (The Wiggles).

I have worked on Australian Mercedes Benz Fashion Week several times and Australian Bridal Fashion Week 2016.

You know you need to remember when working in any profession that opportunities cross your path so you must watch out for them. Some one back 15 years ago said to me "did I know anyone in Melbourne who did hair and makeup?" I happen to say why is that and they said it was to work backstage at the Logies. So in that quick second reply I said what if I was in Melbourne could I do it? And so it happened right place and my quick thinking 14 years later I have worked at the Logies every year! I worked on all the winners and all the talent doing touch ups for there award shots and very fun gig and I met PINK one year that was pretty cool. I got to go to the after parties every year as well and that is even more fun as you can imagine. I can remember one year I got to take my husband and I can remember him dancing with Rove at about 2am on the dance floor a very funny moment.

The funny thing is this exact same thing happened in 2013 someone asked me the same question but this time it was did I know anyone in LA? So I said what if I was there would I get the gig? And so that happened it was amazing! I got to stay at The Beverly Hills Hilton, do some awesome women in media who were attending G'Day La, Some other fancy event and The Golden Globes 2014! I got to watch the hotel being transformed in to this amazing see of glitz and glamour. I got to walk the Red Carpet, I stood next to people I could have only imagined, Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, everyone and then I got to go to the after parties as well. I got to hang out with the cast of Modern Family it was the most incredible experience and very fun!

Then in 2015 I needed to reach my work goal I was so determined that this could happen especially after everything else. It took many emails and many nights waking up at 4am with thoughts of who else I could direct my emails too but then it came the words "we would love to have you on our team here at New York Fashion Week!" I did it I had achieved what I had set out to do. So off I went not knowing anyone or where I was going but that was the exciting and scary thing. No one could have prepared me for how cold it was in New York in early February but that was part of the fun.

And so my advice to you is go out and get what you want anything is possible!!!! xx

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