What came next....

Salon that allowed me to do my freelance work...
Some of the awesome team in the salon

It was easy to get my first job but what was next? How could I get more work?

I thought if I volunteered my first year at Fashion Week that would be a good way to get experience. You must put yourself out there to get contacts when you

are starting out. I actually worked that year on the student parades and one of my models was Miranda Kerr and I thought wow she's gorgeous she should be in the big parades, well that was the year she was discovered! While working on that show they asked if anyone was keen to work backstage painting nails on the main parades so of course I put my hand up for that too. So I was back the next day painting nails but getting contacts as I went. I met some people from L'Oreal backstage and they took my number for any other work coming up. You just never know who you will meet so it's so important to put yourself out there. A few months later L'Oreal called me to do makeup for their shows at Hair Expo, so that's just how things happen from volunteering to doing a paid job at Hair Expo pretty cool!!

I was working in a salon in the city but my job was full time and to get time off for shoots and shows was becoming too difficult. My boss at that time was not as easy going as I had hoped and maybe a little jealous that I was getting work with magazines as that is what he would have loved to do. I was very lucky to get my foot in the door and I am very grateful for that!

The thing with freelance work is that you can get booked for a job and then it can all change if they can't get everyone on board for the same day. For example for 1 shoot it takes a photographer, a hair & makeup artist, a fashion stylist, an art director, a journalist, the talent, their publicist, plus everyone could have an assistant as well. So that's a lot of people to co-ordinate! So when I would ask for a day off to do a shoot and it got cancelled it became a problem for my boss and that wasn't good enough for me because that was my priority now, to get more shoots!

I needed a job that was flexible and I had also decided that I was not working weekends in a salon anymore so that's what came next....

I found a job in the city it was a Monday to Friday job with the chance to do shoots when I needed to so it was fab!!! But again this became a problem which is understandable as I was their employee but that was not my priority anymore I LOVED doing my freelance work!

Then I met my next amazing boss who was friends with the salon I worked at and he was opening a salon for himself. I approached him as a position to work for myself on all my own rules and we came up with a deal. It was awesome I ran my own clients and was able to do all other work whenever I wanted. It happened again the universe sent me what I needed, I just had to look closely. I worked for this person for 12 years!! I'm not sure why more businesses aren't flexible with their staff. This was my perfect job hence I stayed with that company for so long and loved it!!

Well that's the start of the wonderful times that were ahead of me I was in the right place ready to take on all the work about to come and I was excited! And so it started....

The work rolled in and I was doing what I loved......

Putting yourself out there is so important! Next blog I'll fill you in on some of the first amazing jobs I got and the people I got to meet.

Thank you and stay tuned! xx

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