How It All Began....

Well hello and welcome to my blog!!

I am going to be blogging about my journey as a hair and makeup artist, pass on lots of tips and tricks, give you product advice and lots more to do with hair and makeup.

It all begun when I was about 16 and read an article in Dolly Magazine....

Growing up on the Gold Coast I always thought I'd work in tourism of course so I studied Japanese and took a tutor class in year 11 and 12. Then I also had an idea I could be a lawyer because the thought of earning lots of money was appealing.

In year 11 everyone was getting part time jobs on the weekends and a friend had mentioned a job come up in her grandmothers hair salon where she had her hair done. It was close to home so we arranged a meeting and I started the week after washing hair and sweeping the floor. I used to do my friends hair and makeup in the bathroom at home before we would go out, even though I didn't really know what I was doing. I'm pretty sure I even did a wedding hair and makeup before I was even qualified.

My plan was to work there while I finished school and work out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I thought I would go to university but after my mum told me we couldn't afford it well I had to rethink my career.

I had an older sister who always bought glossy magazines and I love it! I used to read Dolly magazine all the time it was my fashion bible. One night I was looking through and read this article about an Australian hair and makeup artist who had traveled to New York Fashion Week. It was a story about how to get started in her career and she mentioned that it was better to do an apprenticeship with hair as it would help you with your skill and make you a more confident stylist as you get to work with lots of different hair types.

So anyway that was it that's what I set out to be and that's what I did! I finished year 12 took on an apprenticeship in 1991 and then studied makeup in 1995. So that was great I had all the qualifications so what was next? In 1995 I went on a holiday with friends to Sydney and saw ACP which is one of the major head quarters for the magazine world in the city. I said to a friend "I will work there one day!"

So next thing it was 1998 and I was to move from the Gold Coast to Sydney. My mum was right behind me and said "go you will love it and if you don't you can always come back". Best words any parent could say, encouraging yet safe.

I found an awesome job in a really creative salon in the city and focused on how I would get my foot in the door at the magazines. I was very fortunate 3 months later to meet my now husband but not only is he the love of my life which I can say was least expected but he was friends with the associate editor of NW magazine - wow! Can you believe it! I do definitely believe if you want some thing bad enough and focus positively on achieving it, the universe will help you out.

So to get that call from her was amazing. "Would you like to do a shoot for us?" Well that was incredible I don't think I could stop shaking I was so excited! So my next question was what was it for? Well my first job for a magazine was a pregnant nude shoot haha. As a 23 year old that was pretty scary. I had to put makeup on stretch marks - now nobody taught me that! But I was so excited as all I had dreamed of was having my name in the byline of the magazine that stated hair and makeup by me! So about 6 weeks later the story was out and I was at the news agency first thing on the day of release and there it was my name in lights, well that's what it felt like! I was over the moon.

Anyway that's how it all begun my dream became a reality! In this blog I'm going to share with you all my journeys from nude pregnancy shoot to New York Fashion Week to opening my first shop The Hair & Makeup Studio. I will share all the ups, the lows, the inbetweens and of course lots of tips, tricks and maybe some inside gossip along the way. Thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing all the fun with you. Stay tuned....

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